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By combining coaching and psychology, I accompany you in your professional development and transitions, and also help you manage and motivate your teams.

Discover the different types of coaching I offer

Coaching for middle and senior management

If your needs include:

  • reinforcing your credibility and legitimacy,
  • improving your professional positioning,
  • improving your team management skills,
  • developing your global and strategic vision in order to better orient your career path,

then this type of coaching will stimulate you and help you reach the next level in your career development.

Coaching for people experiencing burnouts

Professional burnouts represent both a great deal of distress as well as an invitation to change. The principal objectives of coaching for someone experiencing burnout are to rebuild yourself from exhaustion, develop and apply strategies to care for your energy, and reintegrate yourself into the professional world.

When coaching people experiencing burnouts, I offer structured support that pays special attention to the client’s rhythms and resources, as well as to specific knowledge related to chronic stress and its physiology. This type of coaching incorporates working with a network of different actors to help with returning to work after spending a long period away.

At the end of this type of coaching, you will rediscover the feelings of job satisfaction and effectiveness, as well as balance and quality of life.

Coaching specifically for women

My commitment to issues of equality and inclusion date back to 2009. By regularly offering workshops designed for women and their career development, I have gained a solid understanding of women’s careers and a wide range of tools to strengthen their positioning. Through this coaching, I have been able to create specific tools for women that allow them to enhance their legitimacy and their self-confidence.

Coaching for doctoral students and post-docs

Coaching for doctoral students and post-docs addresses these specific needs in particular:

  • time and energy management,
  • maintaining endurance and motivation,
  • managing relationships and conflict,
  • preparing for a dissertation defense or teaching a test lesson,
  • utilizing skills and research for a job outside of academia.

Over the course of my workshops and coaching sessions for academics, I have developed tools to answer the specific questions of doctoral students and post-docs, including perfectionism, impostor syndrome, comparison and competition, procrastination, difficulty saying no, and loss of motivation.

Since the beginning of 2016, I have helped two groups of doctoral students every year for the program Swissuniversities. Below are several excerpts from an article related to this service:

She has quite an impressive background and, from my point of view, Marie-Paule does seem like the perfect person to understand what PhD students are going through, to understand the challenges of today’s academic world and, therefore, to provide appropriate coaching.

Here some highlights of the coaching program as reported in students’ testimonies: empathy, listening skills and sensibility from the coach: inputs to get going with the thesis; ideas on how to better manage discussions with the supervisor depending on one’s needs and goals.

Full text:

Coaching for people covered by Disability Insurance

Coaching for people covered by Disability Insurance applies to early intervention, occupational measures, and professional reintegration. Its aim is to help people renew confidence both in themselves and in their abilities, and to support them in their career path.

Depending on each person’s needs:

  • Coaching supports people in the acceptance of their new situation and in managing pain and change,
  • It clarifies their interests, values, and skills, and identifies relevant careers and formulates a realistic and achievable career path,
  • It supports people renewing contact with the professional world and stimulates their motivation at work, increases and reinforces their interdisciplinary professional and personal skills,
  • It takes action in the event of a crisis and develops strategies for the management of stress, anxiety, and perceptions.

This coaching, which is accepted by the canton of Fribourg’s Disability Insurance Office, takes a systemic approach and incorporates a network of different actors.

Who benefits from coaching

Coaching will be of benefit to anyone in a situation they wish to change or optimize:

professional positioning and credibility / professional transition / interpersonal challenges in the workplace / addressing the need to move from reaction to action / team cohesion and commitment / capacity for innovation and dynamism of teams / etc.

What coaching provides

  • It takes your aspirations and desires seriously and helps you define your goals
  • It galvanizes your potential and mobilizes it for action
  • It motivates and strengthens you
  • It works on all personal levels (rational, emotional, physical, relational, communicative) and stimulates you to create innovative solutions
  • It develops your self-knowledge and improves your communication and your professional relations
  • It broadens your horizons

Specifics of the coaching + psychology approach

Rich in personal and professional experience, I offer creative coaching that is future- and action-oriented. By combining scientific knowledge and observations on your particular situation, I offer you the chance to go beyond your limits and achieve your goals. We will explore new perspectives that will expand your future opportunities, helping you become a better leader and improving your people skills.

You will develop a strategic vision and feel enthusiastic about taking charge of your professional and personal life.

By following this path, you will make authentic and sustainable choices that are true to yourself and your company.


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