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Outplacement is a situation in the corporate world where coaching proves particularly essential. Outplacement occurs when businesses go through a restructuring phase. In such a situation, which is often difficult for both management and the employees concerned, there is a requirement for specific support.

What outplacement brings to a business

By offering the chance of a quick transition to employees leaving the company, a company can show its consideration toward its employees. In the short, medium, and long term, the effects of outplacement for the company are numerous:

Outplacement preserves commitment and morale among the remaining employees. It protects productivity. It prevents frustration, fear, and anxiety among those who are leaving and those who remain. It reduces the risk of litigation. It maintains positive relationships between the company and its former and current employees. It also preserves the company’s reputation as a “good employer” among future applicants.

Outplacement enhances the “global employment brand” and the company’s reputation.

What outplacement brings to its recipients

  • The outplacement approach transforms a layoff into an opportunity
  • Outplacement allows for a detailed career-path assessment and helps identify skills (technical and social)
  • It clarifies and offers guidance on future professional career options
  • It provides support in preparing new job application documents
  • It structures and quickens the job search
  • It prepares recipients to communicate their skills, motivations, and aspirations with enthusiasm and conviction
  • It develops negotiation strategies


Specifics of my approach

Combining the tools of coaching and psychology allows me to offer outplacement designed to meet each client’s specific needs.

This approach to outplacement engages the client in their career transition in a dynamic and pragmatic way.


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